We provide key filtration materials and components with excellent performance and competitive water, gas and solid filtration and separation process control programs for industrial fields.

Based on deep understanding of green engineering and dymamic coordination of diversified business, we provide qualified general contracting and operation management services with professional design in the field of environmental pollution control engineering.

As a medium and high-end metallurgical equipment and new processing equipment integrator in China, we have more than 50 years of research and development experience and have succeeded in designing, building and operating hundreds of precision cold rolling and fluid automation production lines.


Our Services

Providing energy-efficient and low-carbon technology, products and engineering service


We always aim at creating more value for our customers, by delivering the projects based on critical components and sophisticated design to customers thousand miles away.

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HPHT Fly Ash Filter

-Manufactured by AEET’s self-patented material Fe3Al with unique blowback structure and special designed tubesheet, succeeded in replacing ceramic candles with its excellent anti-cracking property

-Widely used in process of Shell、U-gas、KBR, etc..

Application:filtration and dust removal for synthesizer in coal gasification and lignite extraction process
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Key Materials of Fuel Cell

Porous titanium gas diffusion layer: advanced technology ensures high strength, high permeability, corrosion resistance and excellent water and gas management performance;

Metallurgical Equipment

we can provide more than 20 types of single stand reversible or continuous rolling equipment with the width of 250mm to 1780mm, 4-high / 6-high / 18-high / 20-high and have put more than 200 sets of various types of machines into production.

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S?ZORB SULFUR REMOVAL UNIT is the key to China V gasoline technical standard (the sulfur content of finished product is lower than 10ppm)

AEET has provided high precision filter cartridges and spareparts for S zorb unit since 2008, covering 90% of the market share in China to today.


Customer foremost, win-win integrity